Hello all!

Hello all!

22nd September 2015 /4 comment(s) Uncategorised

Hello! and well done for finding the page!

If you’ve got any questions either ask us directly or stick a message on here and we can reply to avoid everyone else asking the same questions!


I’ll start with a couple of basic questions

How many are going?

We’ve got about 40 people travelling from all over and we’ll all be meeting in Keflavik Airport before heading up North.
Where are we staying?

On the 1st and 2nd night, we’ll be staying in Varmahlid in Northern Iceland. On the last night (Saturday) we’ll be staying in apartments in Reykjavik town centre.


Will it be dark?

Iceland has approximately 7 hours of sunlight during the winter months. The sunrise is approximately 10:30am and sunset will be around 5:30pm each day.


What’s the chance of seeing the northern lights?

It’s never a guarantee, but February is one of the best times due to the long nights and clear skies so – Fingers Crossed!!!


How long is the bus journey?

The bus journey up north will take approximately 4 hours. We’ll be playing music and hopefully watching some movies on the bus too but please bring headphones, travel pillows etc if you’d like.


Is it going to be cold?

Yes its called Iceland and we are going to be there in the heart of winter so you are looking at temperatures of around -2 degrees :-)


What should I wear?

Layers! loads of layers. Iceland might be cold outside but pop inside and you will be hit by the cheap electricity!

Yes its a wedding but warmth is the key, so ladies if you are looking for a hat, wear a bobble one. 😉

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  1. concerned dad

    As a concerned parent i have heard that the horses are wild and that you cannot make eye contact or they go for the neck.
    Please can you confirm?

    1. ian - Post Author


      we cant advise as we’ve never stared at them. Best not to, just in case.
      We have been told that the puffins have been known to steal small children if left unattended.

  2. Val

    What time are the flights from Manchester?
    What time do we have to be there?

    What time are the flights back?
    What time do we arrive back in Manchester?

    1. ian - Post Author


      The flight details are:

      MAN to KEF
      Thursday 4th February
      12:25 – 15:00

      KEF to MAN
      Sunday 7th February
      08:00 – 10:35

      GLA to KEF
      Thursday 4th February
      13:20 – 15:40

      KEF to GLA
      Sunday 7th February
      07:35 – 09:40

      For those travelling from Manchester, we’ll be meeting at 10:15am at the airport (we will be there from 10am), this is to give us some extra time to make sure everyone is checked in etc.

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